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VARIA von Romanshof
( ChPl AZIR Trójbarwny Świat x IntCh, MultiCh FIONA Rotnak)

2.11.2009 - 5.09.2017 (histiocytic sarcoma)

HD:A, ED:0/0, OCD:0/0,
free from eye disease (certificate)
free from heart disease (certificate)
DM - clear (N/N)
vWD I - clear (N/N)
malignant hyperthermia - clear N/N
hyperuricosuria - clear N/N

passed mental test

Interchampion - C.I.B.
Junior Champion of Moldova, Junior Champion of Bulgaria
Polish Champion, Champion of Bulgaria, Grand Champion of Bulgaria
Champion of Moldova, Grand Champion of Moldova, Super Grand Champion of Moldova
Georgia's Champion, Grand Champion of Georgia
Champion of Romania, Champion of Azerbaijan
Balkan Champion, Basarabia Champion, Balkan Winner 2011

3xCWC, 13xCAC, 3xR.CAC, 12xBOS, 5xBOB, 5xCACIB, Res.CACIB, III BOG
3xJW, 2xBest Junior, 4xCAJC
3xBOS Puppy, 3xBest Puppy, 2xBIS Puppy, III BIS Puppy

Height: 64 cm
Length: 72cm
Weight: 42 kg

Varia (from Latin: different things, varieties), the polish diminutive of her name - Variatka (crazy)
speaks for itself ;) she is extremely energetic, fast, greedy and intelligent. In a moment she sees all
the unnecessary things - she can open a door, drawer, activate the light, "read" the book, and even
remove a picture from the frame, luckily she did not worked out the fridge - yet ;)
she has a great fun when she learns the tricks like "the dog died," "ask", "roll," but to teach her
sport "retrieving" is almost impossible. She is a friend all over the world but its center to her is me ;)
she doesn't leave me on the step at home, on walks, during training and in bed - and for that I love her!

Varia is mother of litter "G" (7.03.13) and "B" (28.02.14).


  • Dog Kindergarten
  • PT - Dog Accompanying
  • class I, Water Work - Pass 90/100
  • class II, Water Work - Pass 98/100
  • class I "Draft Test" - Pass 186/200, 3rd place
  • class II "Draft Test" - Pass 184/200, 2nd place
  • class III "Draft Test" - Pass 200/200, 1st place
  • class IV "Draft Test" - Pass 190/200, 2nd place
  • TDI - Therapy Dog International - Pass 153/160, 2nd place

IIIrd place - "draft test" class I - Ślesin 2011
IInd place - "draft test" class II - Ślesin 2011
Ist place - "Water Work" class II - Okoniny Nadjeziorne 2013
Ist place - "draft test" class III - Okoniny Nadjeziorne 2013
IInd place - "draft test" class IV - Okoniny Nadjeziorne 2013

AZIR Trójbarwny Świat
HD:A ED:0/0 (AOD 6)
ZwPl, ChPl
VITO van't Pachthof
HD:A (AOD 7,5)
Tawajah's NATHAN
HD:B (AOD 13)
ROYAL van't Pachthof
HD:A (AOD 9)
MłChPl, ChPl
KAJA z Gemerskej Polomy
HD:A ED:0/0 (AOD 4,5)
ChN, ChS
HD:A ED:0/0 (AOD 8)
IntCh, ChPl, ChSk
FANNY z Gemerskej Polomy
HD:B ED:0/0 (AOD 7)
IntCh - C.I.B.
ChRo Cum Laudae, GrChBg

FIONA Rotnak
HD:A (AOD 6,2)

MłChPl, ChPl, ZwPl'05
AIRON Milenijna Rodzina
HD:B (AOD 4,5)
DOLLAR v.Reichenbrunnen
HD:A (AOD 5)
BRYZA Wyszeptana Opowieść
HD:A2 (AOD 10)
HD:A (AOD 8)
ADAM z Cernovirskych Luk
HD:A ED:0/0
HD:A (AOD 10)

In the litter were born 8 puppies - 5 males: Vasco, Verne, Volter, Vinci, Vivaldi and 3 females: Varia, Vanilla Sky and Viki.