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The hardest thing is to write about myself and about the family ... ;)

In our house has always been animals, and they always occupied a special place. Our first dog was a female German Shepherd - Saba. She lived with us beautiful 16 years old, unfortunately we had to say goodbye because of her cancer. Then, to fill the emptiness we searching for a new puppy, this time with the pedigree. We had a dilemma :) select Bernese or Border Collie. Finally we chose the Bernese :) endearing character, peace of mind and their size - these characteristics prevailed. As laymen we did not have too much knowledge about the breed or the dog shows, and even more about its kennel in Poland.

Then, to our house, went Fiona. She came to us as an 8-week puppy from a small kennel - Rotnak. All household members immediately fell in love with her! Fiona even as a puppy she was very friendly and curious about the world.

When she was 9 months old signed up to the dog kindergarten. With the indescribable help of our instructor and rivalry in the group - we started enjoy training. After one year from the end of kindergarten Fiona went to school, where he quickly became a top student;) passing obedience exam with a score 198/200 points. In the meantime, we went to our first dog show. We had great luck, meeting so nice and sympathetic judge which is Stanislaw Podlaski. Thanks to him we had in this area "a good start" :) After finishing three years Fiona birth her first puppies. Father was a beautiful dog - Azir Trójbarwny Świat. From the beginning, we planned to leave the female, but after a few visits "mother in law" ;) and reflection has been with us the male.

Trey as a puppy was incredibly similar to his uncle, he inherited all the best characteristics of the parents. Endearing chestnut tan color and beautifully head of his father, the long limbs and harmonious movement of his mother.
Even as a 7-month baby made his debut on the show in Czestochowa. After finishing 8 months, won the title BIS Puppy at the National Show of Swiss mountain breeds in Janow.
And because we love training :), Trey at 4 months old started kindergarten, where he was the only raisins at 7 females. Staring at me like in the picture, not even watching the apport ';P luckily he was willing to work, and that thanks to Fiona we already had experience in this field. We presented to the group each new command. We managed to finish the kindergarten, and then we focused on exhibitions.

Our kennel is primarily a kennel home. In Bernese we appreciate the balanced, friendly character, harmonious movement and proportionate build. We focus more on the type of sport with long legs and a desire to work. Our dogs live with us at home. They love joint walks, meeting friends, training and trips to exhibitions.

We continuously strive to deepen our knowledge about dogs, and this wonderful breed, reading the latest publications, talking to befriended breeders, veterinarians, trainers, groomers, activists of Kennel Club, and judges.

Our puppies grow up in the house, they have in constant contact with their mother and our other dogs. From the beginning, we take care of their socialization accustomed to household equipment, providing contacts with other people and other animals. We keep in constant contact with the owners of our puppies who you can always count on our support.
In our kennel we have a pedigree puppies only. Please do not ask about the puppies without papers.

Beata Pluta
February 2010