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"In my opinion, a good Bernese Mountain Dog is by his proportions,
by symmetry, by it's elegant colours lovely layed out on its silhouette is the most beautifull
dog you could ever imagine. There are other breeds that by their specificity are interesting,
lovely or nice, but Bernese Mountain Dog is - maybe by its normality - perfect in every way."
(Albert Heim)


13.09.2020 - national dog show Gorzów Wielkopolski
LIGHT OF A THOUSAND STARS von Romanshof - open class, exc. 1 CAC, Best Female
and BEST OF BREED! Wega is new Polish Champion
REMEMBER ME WITH LOVE von Romanshof - junior class, vg. 2
TIME TO SHINE von Romanshof - minor puppy class, vp. 1 BEST MINOR PUPPY
TINKERBELL von Romanshof - minor puppy class, vp. 2
WINTER IS COMING von Romanshof - minor puppy class, vp. 3
Judge Andrzej Kaźmierski

29.08.2020 - Water Work certification of the Terranova Association - Augustów 2020
Remember Me With Love von Romanshof passed puppy class with 1st place

Nothing To Add von Romanshof passed 1st class with 1st place

Never Say Never von Romanshof passed 2nd class with 1st place

A Secret Wish von Romanshof passed 4th class "water work" with a score of 98/100 points!
thus she won the 1st place - "water work" class IV and BEST TEAM title!!

Balalaika von Romanshof passed 4th class with 3rd place

The certification was judged by Rita Breesch from Belgium.

29.08.2020 - Rebelia von Romanshof become Junior Champion of Russia & RKF

23.08.2020 - at shows in Russia
Partner In Crime von Romanshof 2xBOB 2xBIG 2!

22.08.2020 - at shows in Belarus
SHOW MUST GO ON von Romanshof - 2x v.p. , BIS Puppy 2 & BIS Puppy 3!

9.08.2020 - at shows in Slovenia
Pianissima von Romanshof - 3x JCAC, Junior BIB
She became Junior Champion of Slovenia

13.05.2020 - great news
ONE MORE TIME von Romanshof - HD:A ED:0/0
ONE FOR ALL von Romanshof - HD:A ED:0/0 DM-clear (exon 1 & 2)

9.02.2020 - international dog show Katowice
Never Say Never von Romanshof - intermediate class, exc. 2

5.02.2020 - great results!
NOTHING TO ADD von Romanshof HD:A ED:0/0 OCD free DM-clear (exon 1&2) vWD-clear SLC-clear

1.01.2020 - Happy New Year!!!

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